Friday, June 22, 2007

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You have won: try again you will be more lucky! The Ministry of Economy authorizes

my age will remember it. In Liguria movement of liqueur chocolates wrapping in which you could find a phrase that we announced or less the winnings of other chocolates.
Most of the time the sentence was: you did not win, try again you'll be luckier.
be because we are right in Liguria, or will be the case, but the thing is repent.
colleagues (if I dare not call them too?) Of the reserved are trying to drag us into their ill-fated affair that the ordinary, do not forget to come from their area (that is one of them that did void the competition) and not ours. In fact I think they canceled the contest will also canceled the training course which we also participated.
ERROR, big mistake.
First to be canceled because the competition is reserved for officers, then because between him and the training is, in Liguria, a pure opportunity is not binding. Indeed, the Ministerial Circular
AOODGPER.1364, concerning the operative indications for DS in Law 296/06, the first operational requirements to DSR (found posted in arrears) as well read ".. in case, even for 'cost of administrative action is to organize courses expanded to all types of candidates ...". So
but not a mandatory choice "in case ..." it is true that in some regions (eg FVG and Abruzzo) separate courses were held for participants in the ordinary and reserved.
Finally, the tutor who gave the training is absolutely suitable and resistant to all points of view, which, reading the sentence, according to the court does not appear to be similar to the commission of the competition reserved.
I hope that once clarified the situation (I know that it is preparing an appeal) is valid also for the officers the location of the training course. It seems right and good sense. So dear
charge of Liguria, as I said, while sharing the sorrow vs not try to involve us.
There is a credit.
"did not win, try again It will be more 'luck!"


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