Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sbilife Unit Plus 2 Pension

Concluded in Liguria Liguria in the contest for

On 27 us have been concluded During the hearings on competition in Liguria reserved. Twenty-eight seats were up for grabs (28) for the educational sector primary and secondary levels, four (4) seats for the second area, a place for educational institutions. Predictions have been met except for the recovery of a candidate who won the second sector fully recovering the place in the final standings. Well!
Tomorrow will be assigned in the Regional Directorate of the reserved seats plus 10% of the ordinary for a total of thirty-six seats. Many homes will be discovered and it comes to appointments and even regencies. Unfortunately, many teachers are left out of five (5) suitable for the ordinary, including myself, and nine (9) of the park. Evil!


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