Monday, December 24, 2007

Why Do A Toothache Hurt Worse At Night


Dear friends, I was hoping that the year 2007 brings with it many of the problems plaguing the school, but putropppo, adds others that I think will make it difficult and unbearable at the end of the ego. S. 2007/08. I refer in particular to the changes introduced in recovery, debt balance, ballots beginning and end as 2008/09. The innovations introduced by the OM. 92 schools are creating many problems and few benefits. I wonder: why do the reformers at all costs?
Would not it be better to return to the traditional examination rimandatura with school beginning in September and 1 October.
Perhaps it would be too simple and not in line with the times?
Christmas and happy holidays, relax as January begins a difficult period which will last until June to August.


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