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Racquel Darrian Retirement

September 13 to 14: 7th Ed. "On your bike for a shred of peace"

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on 13 and 14 September will host the 7th edition of "In motion for a shred of peace ", organized by Motoclub Guzzi of Ravenna. This event, created after the September 11 tragedy, it is proposed as a sign dell'anelito to peace by those who live every day the passion for two wheels, we report here a short excerpt from press release issued by the organizers to the 2007 edition :

"What each of us should do is organize themselves in such a way as to convey a message of peace in every moment of everyday life. We have to make us feel, see, planning initiatives such as the motorcycle procession in Rome, the event, we are here today to present for the sixth time, he wants to be regarded as an event lasting a small sign of peace and which must remain the assets of each of us.
This is due to the fact that, in addition to being an event for motorcycle enthusiasts, the meeting is also open to any opportunity to build a network of exchange, to meet and make a little way along, also in life. Motorcyclists share a strong desire for peace and that one day will put his vehicles normally used only for recreation or need to service an important message that unites all people. "
The program of the event
provides, in broad terms, the arrival in Ravenna until 18:00 on Saturday 13 September and the departure to Rome Saint Peter's Square on the morning of the 14th at 6:00. The proceeds of the inscriptions and supply this year will be donated to the Curia of Ravenna and associations Doctors Without Borders, Ai.Bi. (Friends of Children) , Small World.
Two years ago, two friends (also like me, members of the Coordination Motoclub Motorcyclists ), we find we made a stop Sunday morning at the parade, from Ravenna, he would have done just before we returned to Orte Rome with motomanifestanti. This year I'd like to instead attend the whole event coming up in Ravenna as early as Saturday, possibly with a large group of users of this blog, those who want to join? (For details follow the links throughout the text of the post) to
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