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A good step forward on the guard rail issue

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found just below the press release issued by FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations) (represented in Italy by Coordination Motorcyclists - Association of Users of the 2 wheels inmerito to the document approved by the European Committee for Standardization on the new safety standard for the guard rail, which will finally take account of who goes in motion, that say the road is still very long, but this certainly is a big step forward.
Anyone wishing to download the press release in pdf format, here it is .
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Guardrail, a great victory for motorcyclists

Brussels, 16 June 2008.

On 13 June 2008, members of CEN (European Committee for Standardization) approved a document that requires updating of safety standards barriers (guardrail), which will then take account of the riders, reducing the risk of injury and death. For FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations) who turns 20 in recent days, there could be more beautiful birthday present!

Friday in Milan, the members of the Technical Committee on Road Infrastructure (TC226), adopted a resolution 319 by inserting a new element in their "program for the development of a European standard that reduces the severity of impact in collisions of motorcyclists with safety barriers, considering the existing national standards and current technologies. " In essence, a new part (8 th) will be added to the current standard EN1317. It will contain "provisions for evaluating the performance of safety barriers in case of impact of a rider that slides on the road."

FEMA - and in Italy the Coordination Motorcyclists - has fought for nearly 20 years because the problem of motorcyclists, slipping on the ground after a fall, collide with the "safety barriers" or be seriously maimed or killed guardrail, were taken into account. Numerous demonstrations and awareness campaigns have been organized over the years at national and European level, resulting in various degrees of reaction by the competent authorities. Many of them - including the Italian ones - have refused to install any device that is not strictly conforming to EN1317, conceived and developed to protect all categories of vehicles except motorcycles. Some countries, like Spain, we are committed to developing its own standard, while Portugal has made it mandatory for the installation of law for the protection of motorcyclists on the entire national road network.

Aline Delhaye, Secretary General of FEMA, said: "With the road safety at the top of the agenda of the institutions, the decision of the CEN is a clear indication that the needs and peculiarities of motorcyclists must be taken into account to increase their security. With this new "Part 8" in accordance with EN1317, the authorities responsible for the roads across Europe will have no more excuses for not installing safety devices, wherever it is necessary to ensure that bikers can be maimed or killed on impact with the safety barriers. This is a great recognition for FEMA when they celebrated 20 years of representing the European riders "

According to the timetable of the work of CEN, a draft of the new standard should be ready for next year and be adopted by October 2010. FEMA will ensure that these deadlines are met to the maximum.

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RESOLUTION 319: Road restraint systems - Part 8: Road restraint systems that reduce the severity of the impact after a motorcyclist collided with the barrier

"The purpose of this new part is to develop a European standard that reduces the severity of impact in collisions of motorcyclists against crash barriers, whereas the existing national standards and the possibilities of the technology.

This part contains requirements for the performance evaluation of the barriers Safety in case of impact with a motorcyclist who is slipping on the ground. At the moment only covers the guardrail and other restraint systems.

Initially, you will be taken into account the hypothesis of a motorcyclist, slipping on the road, hits the barrier (because at the time this series is one on which you have a better knowledge). Other types of impact and barriers will be considered at a later stage.

The resulting test procedure will be read and used in conjunction with the existing parts of EN1317.

It prescribes procedures for additional testing and acceptance criteria, alongside the mandatory requirements of EN1317-2, to demonstrate product performance impact with the body of a motorcyclist "


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