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Speech to visit Pres Ameglia Burlando, 25/03/2009 President Burlando.
My name is Gian Piero Fish, live here from 1992.Penso to have two things in common with you, surely the Genoese origin, and passion for the genoa. I represent the city committee of Bocca di Magra, which is entered, signing, 560 citizens who do not want the dock Pantala and sacrifice on the altar of the river Magra Marinella Spa.Siamo the interests of those at the 2 nd opening of the port, which you got involved, (which is funded by the Government of the center Biasotti ) have been named by police, unnecessarily alarmed to art, from administrators who are concerned about the "success" of cerimonia.Noi, professionals, doctors, academics, dealers, retirees, ordinary citizens, anything but terrorists, we just wanted to congratulate the work and stress with this flyer our opposition to a big, useless and dangerous hole in the mountain of our homes.
We even those who zealously Mayor Galazzo did fine, by mobilizing the municipal emergency, for trying to post up a container of glass, ica paid, an article in the Corriere della Sera that the attitude about the project and not just Marinella , gave him .... We are too arrogant ... ...
those who are popular with a group initiated the use of the TAR are still pending, and we hurried to the illegal approval of the Project Marinella.
We are those who have opened an investigation with the Antitrust Authority, which will shortly tell her, for violations of the Bersani law and the rules that protect competition and the market that the company Ameglia Municipal Services with the chairmanship of former Mayor first Pisani and Dr. Chila 'later, continue to perpetrate.
Now that you are new here, Le deliver the offending wheel and reiterate the message that we want to convey then as now: Do not want the dock Pantala and the overbuilding of our territory to the interests of the Monte dei Paschi and lobbies of manufacturers.
least ... She does not repress the popular will of those living and working here. Dia
full meaning to the name list of the center which is, paradoxically, "Democratic Choice" and the lawyer. Galazzo is preparing to re-order still drive, he ', he', our City formers. Dr. Gian Piero
President of the Citizens 'Committee of Bocca di Magra


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