Monday, November 8, 2010

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We're safe!! Yes, but after the project Marinella

The Nation - (on - line) - 07/11/10 - page. 16

work in Bocca di Magra and Fiumaretta will not end before three years
two kilometers ... tranquility. The exposed stone walls, anchored by piles and framed in green are ready to defend and Bocca di Magra Fiumaretta from attack by sea and river. The banks are drawn low, at least on paper, but to move the project approved by the Province of La Spezia and the City of Ameglia the work will require funding promised by the government. And while admitting an immediate go-ahead the deadline for completing the work according to the designers will be at least 3 years. Although the mayor has indicated its intention Umberto Galazzo to request more quickly by allowing jobs even during the summer just to accelerate progress towards the safety zone. The embankment, which is crucial to complete the security plan began with the structures 'tall', was presented to the public meeting organized by the Municipality of Ameglia in the boardroom. So many questions, but also curiosity demands certainties have been addressed by the towns of the two coastal villages and fields Andreoli designers of the company 'Hydrodata "which prepared the draft low embankments. A kilometers of 'walls' on the edge of Fiumaretta and an equal length on the front of Bocca di Magra will change the landscape looks walking though the impact will be limited to heights not excessive. The construction of the levees is low operation divided into several phases and the first section concerns Fiumaretta and Bocca di Magra while the rest (measures Pantalica Bettigna, and detected via the A12 High) discuss this issue again in the future because the ' action is related to the Project Marinella In terms Fiumaretta the bank to be built on the riverfront will be a maximum height of 1.45 meters at its lowest point just over one meter. On the opposite side from 60 cm to just over a meter. As explained by the engineers of the company that created the plan, responding to the request residents involved in the operation, construction of embankments will be simultaneous on both sides. The works go hand in hand to avoid any 'gaps' may cause failure in the event of storms or floods. The study has not only affected the implementation of the banks but also planned actions on the articulator minors. Works were established to close the main channels with automatic valves that open and closed according to the inlet pressure or outlet. "The cost of the project - said Galazzo - is 6.5 million € 5 of which were promised by the state. ..............

I FIND THAT AN IMMORAL PRIVATE SECURITY CONDITIONS OF WHO LIVE AND WORK IN THE MOUTH OF LEAN AND THE DIRECTORS give them to illegal CONSENTANO.Sarebbe interesting to see what's written on the transfer of assignment given to the project and milestones must Hydrodata comprendere.Spenderanno million and the water will come from the shores undefended to allow the entry of future docks.


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