Sunday, November 7, 2010

Keep Gingerbread In Fridge

the Mayor of the President of the Park of Monte Marcello Magra
alderman urban planning of the Province of La Spezia

the city committee of Bocca di Magra feels the need to clarify once again its position on the draft Marinella in general and in particular on the dock Pantala '. We
against the law, and decidedly unfair advantage, than any ordinary citizen, the method agreed with the Monte dei Paschi, sealed with "imaginary" protocol of intent in 1999 that former Mayor Pisani has even publicly "threatened" by make pubblico.Tale method determines a pressure, an unconscious allegiance that will bring hope to launch a development plan leading to expectations of a private entity such as the Monte dei Paschi strongly interested in the speculation of his project. In light of what is emerging now in the banking world is no wonder that however grim vocazione.Non we want to delegate the planning of our territory to Marinella Spa can replace the Municipality, the Province, the Park, for operators, watersports, beach resorts, and tourist / propinano blatantly commercial a project management Monte.La favorable to the monarchy fell in a long time and do not want it back now, but mostly we do not want landlords and employers who are not elected LATIDARSENISTI democraticamente.Chiediamo the Mayor to submit the PUC before it meets the Mount " timid criticality segnalategli.Solo so remove from the table all the suspects and reveals the true and proper hierarchy of potere.Al Chairman of the Park at least ask you to read the rules of the plan of the park who presides, to get an idea of \u200b\u200bthe topics in question and then with the help of a real expert to oversee the observance of the provision stesse.Nel excavation of the dock along the right side of the floor of the boat launched from the park you will be made use of studies and certifications to ensure the safety and environmental protection of the bank concerned, well then make them public tranquillizzarci.Non show us anything done by others, unless he does not want to declare their (the park) uselessness and incompetence on the topics and tasks for which he was appointed and is still paid. For the city committee
Bocca di Magra.
all promoters.



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