Saturday, November 6, 2010

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The Citizens' Committee of Bocca di Magra has taken three years. Many have passed by his own constitution in 2005 when 560 were collected signatures to express total opposition to the proposed excavation of the dock Pantala and not only in the project Marinella Monte dei Paschi. The Mayor, Mr. Galazzo, said publicly that given the importance of the interlocutor even the view expressed by the whole population would not be enough to limit this project. We believed and we still that progress in a country like ours, not to be found through the disruption of lifestyle that has so far characterized and distinct from the chaotic reality, mundane and inhospitable as those in which the government had espoused the idea of \u200b\u200bchange and exaggerated way.
He always used to say "good thing too" and we do not want to hear again "was better when it was worse." There was even a fleeting moment when it seemed that our objections had been harvested, when it was on local press, the President of the Park Lean Baruzzo Walter said that the dock was Pantala cancellata.Pensammo that those statements were the result of an environmental assessment of a just and fair and democratic thought. Not so. From the project presented in 2007 at the Conference of the services are perceived as the developments of Puc Ameglia was packed, and that is to protect interests that do not coincide with those of us who live and work there, by delegating the planning of our territory to Marinella Spa. The man had his Mount Yes, mortifying the principle of equality and social justice among citizens. The current administration has been weak with the strong and strong with the weak, as evidenced by the prone Government's attitude towards the first landowner of our community who "won" 100,000 euro for the new council chamber without being "misunderstood", as would happen to any citizen. On the other hand to point No. 6 of the conclusions of the last conference services, Marinella Spa is also committed to pay the towns of Sarzana and Ameglia respectively, and with Euro 749,707.20 Euro 329,040.00 to the stretches of sand nourishment. We believe that accepting such gifts from those who have a speculative interest in our area sounds really bad. The Man of the Mountain scored in this way that the SI wanted by the City, the Park, by the Basin and Provincia.Se YES will also from TAR to which we're using to restore the conditions of legality, we violated, it will mean that the bad guys have won and our sick river unfortunately will not be saved '

The President of the Citizens' Committee of Mouth Dr. Gian Piero di Magra

Bocca di Magra 10/11/2008


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