Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Women, Inail announces details of injuries in pink

ROME - Interesting reading data on the safety of workers by ' Inail . The framework outlined by the Institute of insurance, although shows a slight increase in the absolute numbers of accidents, should not worry: that more than 0.4 percent would be attributable to an increase, this slight, employment of women.
A good thing since it would not be that Italy, compared to other European countries is still far behind in this area. But the good news that concerns fatalities since there was a decrease, albeit slightly, despite the increase in employment.
For women who have had a fatal accident at work were, in fact, 70 in 2010 against 72 the previous year. The most dangerous jobs for women would seem to be in the service sector, primarily healthcare, which is almost 13 percent injuries. These are often nurses but also, in many cases, people employed as carers. One thing that it could justify the suspicion that it is a good way to share less serious injuries that go unreported to cover irregular forms of employment.
the danger of the service sector follows the trade at just over 10 per cent of accidents and, in almost equal with that, the service sector businesses. Finally there is the sector of hotels and restaurants, which stops at 8, 5 percent of the total.


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