Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Religious Wishes To Myself


The news:

Cienzo: solidarity with the rescue of the CRI-17 drivers Latina Province
express my solidarity with the 17-drivers of the Italian Red Cross aid workers in the province of Latina, which, from 28 February , was denied an extension of service for the month of March, despite promises on interest received by the National Committee of its review.
These temporary workers (all of Gaeta and the Pontine Region South), have been deceived and disillusioned over that now "replaced with surplus staff of the Military Corps of the Red Cross from outside the Province." A "final insult" that follows the "love surprises already suffered from the December 30, 2010 to present. Thanks to the union, in fact, the 17 were able to obtain up to 31 May 2011, the extension of a contract that had already expired in January 2011. Extension that they themselves feel "vital importance since, appearing in the body, there would be a real prospect of being considered for a classification in the organization when renewing the agreement" between CRI and ARES (service 118) for the Province of Latina.
Since 2006, in essence, these volunteers were employed in shifts gradually framed, together with the employees themselves. After the sacrifices and promises, and then finally had been made "(August 2009) through an agency of administration, with the initial contract of 156 hours per month full time for a period of three months. In December 2009, the CRI and the unions had suddenly converted into part-time contract to 96 hours, with renewals plurimensili. To get a decent salary, then, the drivers proposed to "cover some shifts as volunteers in exchange for a slight increase in working hours, so as to reduce staffing costs as a rescue ambulance nursing is not as Latin America and other drivers on the province as it was then proposed and accepted instead. "Seventeen drivers always available, 24 hours a day, without holidays recognized, ready to cover shifts left uncovered by sick leave or leave of employees absorbed. The coordination CRI asked them to move (perhaps without notice) throughout the pontine, from April to Castelforte, even within about an hour ...
But if they had accepted all this, was the only hope - backed by promises! - to be classified in the organic plant staff of 118, surpassing the job insecurity. The scheme of administration should only be a springboard for the recruitment Direct. But that was not seventeen, and now find themselves without work and urge the reinstatement to the service. Other temporary workers who lose their jobs and that, beyond their sad and troubling personal story, see magnify the problem of lack of employment prospects in an area already sorely tried.
A situation that should make us all think ... and commitment together, beyond political colors and memberships to plug yet another emergency job! I feel I must add my voice to their strong complaint, appealing to the sensibilities of all other political forces in local, provincial and regional authorities, to show concretely the proximity of the institutions to these problems. Each to their skills, their commitment so that, together, we can reach an agreement that takes into account the demands of the 17-drivers and helpers not only the needs of the Red Cross.
strongly hope the opening of a technical committee to arrange for restoration of the 17 drivers in the 118.

Cienzo Rosario - Municipal Council of Gaeta


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