Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jammed Eminent Luggage Locking Mechanism

Health, Di Carlo: "Nothing helicopter, the region is with trucks"

continued pounding the controversy over the health of regional opposition left. Councillor Mario Di Carlo disputing Mr Giancarlo Miele, recalled that in the program of Socket Direct Iacona was taken a very current picture of the situation of Roman ER, what happens to ambulances forced to stop for hours on stretchers and those living without the provinces more hospitals after the cuts to the Commissioner Acta, Renata Polverini. Which is often wasted at the various 'I have a heart' and 'I do not think of anything but you', while helicopters that provide a service 24 hours there is only one available to more than 5 million inhabitants.
Councillor PD known among other things, that the five new tracks of helicopter 24 hours that, according to Polverini had to be ready in September there is no trace. "Where is the track of Ostia? - Asks Charles. " Not exist. "Terracina That is just a green lawn in an area subject to constraints. To form the track there, but 16 minutes from the hospital and had the go-ahead by ENAC. Acquapendente as well, but again without the authorization of ENAC. For there must be amateur, but in its place is a field planted an orchard behind. The track is the CTO, but it is unclear as to what is after 'Polverini opening of the decree is also followed by closure of the emergency cord and the transfer unit.
also returns the controversy over the advertising campaign of the region entitled "I was at heart "that stands on huge billboards and employs whole pages of newspapers. think about to reignite the regional secretary of Italy of Values \u200b\u200band Vincenzo Councillor Giulia Marrucci and Rhone. Pending Agcom discuss their complaint for false advertising presented in recent days, while the two are asking the president Polverini what has cost this campaign.
"Under the guise of an information campaign - continuing the exponents IdV - lies a campaign to reinforce the image of Polverini. Imagine that it is paid for with public money, then we feel legitimate to ask, as we have in a query, how cost to taxpayers. In addition, we ask - and conclude Maruccio Rhone - if you do not risk to speculate on the health of citizens by offering free visits as if they were a kind gift of the President Polverini and not a right. "



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