Sunday, March 13, 2011

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Solidarity to 17 drivers-helpers of the Province of Latina CRI (2011)

Carucci: 'Ares and 118 are not met its commitments under the workers'

was held, Tuesday, March 9 (2010) as planned a meeting with election of Dr Ross Carucci employees of the Red Cross ARES-118 ambulance drivers and nurses of the emergency service at a club in Latin America. Following the meeting, the Regional Council Nomination in the "List Renata Polverini President," says: It 's yet another demonstration of the inability of top management dell'ARES118 Marrazzo direct expression of the Board shall be held suspended the salaries of personnel trained and experienced in public health emergency which has been operating for many years, despite the proclamations of the various general managers, the Regional Council on their stabilization, it is clear the disaster and the unreliability of the heirs of Marrazzo on the management of a service primary importance as the 118 now in terms of decay and "organizational chaos" unprecedented. Renata Polverini, even in his recent visit to Latin America with me to a hospital, it took commitment to proceed with the stabilization of the permanent staff of ASL and signed personally took charge of soliciting, the candidate for President to start with this project in the first " by temporary workers dell'ARES 118-Red Cross Latin America. In the meantime I would like to inform people that while are not paid salaries for months of the worker, the Director General dell'ARES has resigned to become a candidate in the list of Bonino and lead to other positions. The current President of the Region (Acting) Esterino Montino, has seen fit to appoint as Commissioner dell'ARES, an old friend like Dr. Ernesto breast that was recently conducted at our ASL and the results are unfortunately still visible. I think, assume all the liability policy, which is a shame this practice time expired, with the savage occupation of all places of power by the followers of the former junta Marrazzo and are not respected its commitments with the workers and especially their families. The Provincial Coordination List "Renata Polverini President"


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